Sponsorship Opportunity

Decorations on near conference podium

The 18th annual Alabama- Mississippi-Tennessee Rural Tourism Conference will be held in Gadsden, Alabama on October 22-24, 2018.

The conference is a first-class event and one that state, regional, and local tourism organizations can take pride in helping bring tourism to rural areas. The 100+ participants are event planners, festival coordinators, heritage groups, chambers of commerce, grassroots community groups and others who are interested in developing and promoting rural tourism.

One of our goals is to keep costs down for small, rural organizations that do not have funds to send representatives to these kinds of educational events. One way we keep costs affordable for attendees is to make sponsorships available to agencies and organizations that benefit from tourism development. Please consider sponsoring part of this great conference.

Become a Sponsor of the 2018 AL-MS-TN Rural Tourism Conference